Free eBook Launch This Weekend

publishedover 2 years ago
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Hello and sorry to bother you mid-week!

Like I said Saturday, I'm not going to sell you much here, but I didn't promise not to give stuff away for free!

I recently put all my Adultery profile tips for men articles together in an ebook so that someone could have them all in one spot as they were preparing their profile.

For people who aren't my friends, the cost is $5.99 USD, and they won't get this heads up about the giveaway, though they may stumble upon it. This special notice is just for you guys as my thanks for being such great fans!

The book is about 84 pages long and also inlcudes my glossary of 56 cheating acronyms and other jargon in the back, right behind my new About Me bio you might have seen on my page.

The book is for sale now, so just press on the cover pic down there ➘ to go to Amazon and learn more.

If you'd read my ADHD artile on P.S. I Hate You, you'll know why this announcement wasn't sooner in the week LOL!

Adultery Profile Tips For Men

This is the first of a series of ebooks I plan to build for you, loosely built on the topics you can find in the Adultery Academy featured on The Scarlett Letter's toolbar on Medium.

The next one is a collection of all of my sexy tales, but before I put it out I need to finish writing some special content.

So remember, my ebook will be free from Friday at 12:01 AM until Sunday night at midnight!

If you forget, don't worry, I'll remind you again on the weekend when I send you my weekly email.

Yours in Lust,


PS - As always let me know if you have questions, comments, or story ideas!

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Author of How to Cheat: Field Notes from an Adulteress and the Complete Ashley Madison User's Guide (both avaliable on Amazon). I write and blog about adultery, which can be like any other relationship. I also support men looking for partners on dating apps, by writing their profiles, advising on their pictures, and helping them with messaging!

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Rain! Rain! Go Away!🧚🏻‍♀️

about 1 month ago
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Rain! Rain! Go Away!🧚🏻‍♀️

about 2 months ago
3 min read