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Medium is a great platform for Blogging and getting PAID!

Still only 6% of the writers make more than $100 a month and the average for 96% of the writers below that is $9.99. And isn't Medium for Tech and political opinion anyway?

Well, Everyone has to unwind!
Learn how to tap the market in Medium that wants titillating fiction.*

How do you to start without your friends finding out? What's a pen name? What platforms should you use? How do you break into the erotic writing community and network with them? All these questions and more will be answered over the next five days!

I will teach you all of this for FREE so you can take your rightful place at the 6% table!

*The information in this course will help any Medium writer, so it isn't solely for sex and erotica writers, although, that's where the money is!

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And yes, I'm going to try and sell you something, but that only comes after the course is over. You will get everything you need to know to start writing on Medium before I try to sell you a single thing!

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